More improvements available at

We are constantly upgrading/updating our website at to provide our community with valuable tools and services.

  • Last week, we have added over 230 forums for a gran total of 1,377 forums. The latest addition covers a “regional” category with one forum per each country in the world.
  • We finally have the capability to block intruders as per their IP address, also by Domain Name, by email address, by Country name, and/or by TOR Server.
  • Users without a USER-AGENT description or with a hidden IP address will be SESSION.ABORTED on the spot. We will refuse our services to spies and hackers all over the world.
  • We have added several new tools, a blog, a newsletter, a subscription engine and our very own wiki-pedia. All accessed by typing a 3 or 4 digit code after our domain name, (ex:,,,
  • John Perkins, our President and CEO is reachable at 
  • Yes, our system still crashes once in a while. 1000ths of variables and program logic sometimes are alergic one-another. Please keep reporting them so we can work on them immediatelly.
  • Our system core is as extensive as the wordpress core is, with almost 1500 files divided in 143 folders.
  • Our Email system has a WEBMAIL feature available at: , use your EmailAddress and Password to access this feature.
  • The INVITE function to bring friends and family to this social network, is finally working from the “MY BUDDY LIST” page.
  • The Newsletter SUBSCRIBE/UNSUBSCRIBE module is also fully operational.

Any questions?  Do not hesitate to contact me via email or via PM at MyBBS.


Peter Jaramillo

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